Kin3tic Performance - What We Offer

What We Offer

Micro PT Lincoln

Our Micro PT Classes take you through a 6 week structured format, gradually progressing and challenging you further each week, but rather than a generic “circuit “ style, our Micro PT classes focus on individual muscle group training, or a specific style of cardio.

Micro PT

Training and Nutrition Lincoln

Everyone wants to maximise their results in the minimum time possible and our specialist Trainers are on hand to analyse your training regime and can help optimise it. Here we focus on you. Tailored, specific training and nutrition that suits YOUR goals, YOUR requirements and YOUR time designed specifically for you.

1-2-1 Training & Nutrition

Studio Cycling Lincoln

We offer 3 different styles of studio cycling Live Kin3tic Cycle: traditional studio cycling to the best of the music. Be taken through intervals, sprints, climbs and jumps. Then combine the lot for combo moves to really take it to the extreme!

Studio Cyling