Kin3tic Performance - HIIT Classes


CV/HIIT based, We base all our CV classes around High level Interval/HIIT Principles, using a variety of Themes for variety.

HIIT : Maximal output with as little rest as we can get away with. HIIT can be performed by anyone and work rate on every exercise we do in this is individual to you

Speed & Agility: Footwork drills on our indoor track using ladders and micro hurdles- prepare for high heart rates and burning calfs!

Tabata: Tabata is a formulated Interval system. 4 minute rounds. 8 reps of 20 seconds Maximal effort with 10 seconds rest. 4 sets of 4 minutes + Finisher. We challenge you to finish this one…

Track & Field: Athletic based movements such as Sprint drills and Running or bodyweight exercises to implement some High intensity training. Get ready to SHRED up our 2 lane Track!!!

Xplode: 4 exercises doesn’t sound a lot but when you have to perform them for a full 60 seconds at a time with equal rest for 3 sets each…it starts to take its toll…Hugely addictive class, one of our most popular classes….are you going to find out why?

Box HIIT: Padwork session taking place on our 5x5 area that features in the middle of Kin3tic

Competitive: If you have a competitive side then these will be right up your Street.

Face-Off: Exactly what is says – Face-Off Against another team. Team relays, a tug of war, followed by 3-4 different and varying challenges.

Trials: There are 3 Variants of Trials, Trials in its basic form has you competing against another person in a several single exercises challenges that will vary from strength or endurance to Cardio performance.

Trials “Hardcore” is a souped up-pumped up version with longer lasting challenges to really test your performance as a package.

“Team” Trials are full team events…be tactical who you choose for each element for the best outcome!