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Graham (10 weeks)

Having lost the love for the gym I eventually realised I needed to get back in shape as I was feeling lethargic, unfit and I wasn’t happy with my appearance. Going to Kin3tic with Jason was a leap of faith as he totally changed the way and style in which I wa Read More

Toni (10 weeks)

I was ready for a bit more of a challenge to see how far I could push myself, Jason always telling me if I adhered to the training and nutrition that fantastic results were waiting…and 10 weeks later he was proven right by the results!  The nutrition pl Read More

Adrienne (10 weeks)

Being a relatively new gym user, I was keen to be educated in the correct way to get a good result.  Over the 10 weeks my training gradually changed as my body adapted and could feel myself getting fitter, healthier and stronger.  I have gained confidence Read More

Jack (8 weeks)

I had fallen out of love with the gym, working long manual days but my wife undertook a 10 week transformation and 2 weeks into it I found myself getting drawn in! So I went to see her trainer at Kin3tic and we put together a plan that suited my lifestyle with resp Read More

Julie (10 weeks)

I felt like I had got out of shape and lost my focus at the gym but with a busy life was unsure if this would work for me.  With a mixture of home and gym training which was only took up 4 hours of my week – as well as 30 days of this process undertaking Read More

Tom (10 weeks)

Despite going to the gym, I wanted to achieve more, so I got myself a trainer at Kin3tic and we decided that the main goal of this was to be fat loss…and over 20kg of it was lost in 10 weeks!  The food plan was so flexible, I was eating pizza, ice cream Read More

Hannah (7 weeks)

Getting married tends to give you some motivation! In just a 7 week period Jason helped me to loose 9kg, over 10% bodyfat and over 19cm in measures!  Really happy with my results despite a few limitations to my training due to prior existing injuries, the outc Read More

Ollie (10 Weeks)

This place is absolutely amazing. I love using it for workouts in the mornings generally but the personal training is the icing on the cake.

I did a 10 week nutrition and training plan with Jason and the change was huge. He REALLY knows his stuff and I was able to eat a really varie Read More

Sam (10 weeks)

All I can say is I am absolutely blown away with my transformation and so happy with my pictures and weight loss (18kg), no excuses, no compromises I got my head down and went for it.  Mentally in lockdown like so many I struggled and turned to food so I knew Read More

Kurt (10 weeks)

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Welcome Back!!!


I am sure like me you are getting excited in the anticipation for Kin3tic’s reopening on the 25th of July.&nbs Read More

Jo Clinton

Loving the online workouts there for everyone really invigorating, I feel I am getting some great novel workouts! Amazing !

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Derek King

The Kin3tic team never stop amazing me. Their positivity and gym ethos has moved to an entirely online service almost transparently in a matter of days! Both live and on demand sessions that are every bit as engaging as one to one sessions. Being inherently lazy I thought I would be able to coast Read More

Veronica Ruby-Lewis

There was no need for me to give up on my training goals with the fantastic content that has been created and delivered by passionate PT’s. A Multitude of training styles available to mix up home workouts, hit all target areas and keep me interested in fitness. Great recipes available too, Read More


The Kin3tic online classes offer a great range of exercises for all fitness levels. I’m easily able to keep up my fitness schedule from home with lots of support available 😁

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Adrienne Stevens

As a member of Kin3tic Performance we certainly couldn’t ask for more or better trainers. They have all adapted to this new “normal” so quickly and provided a huge amount of online training classes for their members in a very short space of time. These classes help to keep us mo Read More

James Astley

It has been fantastic having so much great content available to us during this difficult time. The different exercises the kin3tic team have created to maximize space, time and performance is brilliant. Very happy!!

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Member Testimonial: Jamie

A Road of Learning Along the Way.

Here is a testimonal from our member Jamie Gordon, who has not only achieved some good results, but also learnt a lot along the way from the Trainers here at Kin3tic so, over to Jamie....

So seeing mys Read More

Mindset - A Driving Force To Success

Be your Own Driving Powerhouse To Reach Success


Your mind is what controls you, what drives you, where your emotions radiate from and if you are not in the correct mental place, you cannot expect to achieve consistent and long term physical results.  T Read More

How To achieve Your Goals

Achieving a Composition or Fitness Goal isn't going to be straightforward, so make sure you set yourself smaller, shorter term goals along the way.   Notice Every point in the picture has a 🏁next to it- each stage is an achievement and in itself a goal achieved and only by putting them al Read More

Never Forget Why You Started

I Was having a conversation with a client yesterday, who was struggling a little with staying focused and motivated to keep pushing towards a long term goal, so I thought of a little task for her to do which really helped with the mental aspect of pushing towards a goal. Below is the task given.& Read More

New Year Fitness Syndrome?

How To stop "New Year Fitness Syndrome" I'm sure many of us are guilty of starting the Year with Good intentions - "right this year is it..."....."I feel rubbish I need to sort myself out...."......."time to loose some weight..." - Yet don't follow through with them for more than a few weeks. To Read More

Which Deadlift is for you?

Which Deadlift is for You?

There are many different variants of the deadlift Movement.  Below, Jo go goes through a few different progressions and regressions...

Stiff leg style

Hamstrings the main focus here, a great Read More

Want Abs??

Do You Want Abs??

Let’s get the most important part out the way first - you need to get your body fat levels down to a place where you’re abs would be visible!!!⁣

You can do all the crunches and leg raises in th Read More

New Equipment!!!

New Equipment Has Arrived! 

 Kin3tic Performance is always working with our Kit Supplier FFITTECH, for who we are their     showroom gym for the UK.  Being this means we get Read More