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Sports massage

At Kin3tic Performance, we are serious about getting you the best results from your training. However, you may not know that Sports Massage can help you enhance your results. Professional performers regularly use massage as a vital part of their regime. During the London 2012 Olympics, sports massage accounted for 36 per cent of treatment provided to athletes, second only to physiotherapy. But it’s not just for the elite athlete. It can benefit us all.

The healing properties of a good massage can help revitalise the muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues of us all. In short it can help you recover faster from training. It can also help prevent and ease niggles or aches and pains. It can also diagnose and treat actual sports injuries. In addition to the physical benefits of sports massage there are many other benefits that can boost your general well being and ease the stresses of a hectic lifestyle.

Here at Kin3tic Performance we have a sports Massage Therapist who run clinics on site.

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