Kin3tic Performance - Spin Classes in Lincoln

Studio Spin

We offer 3 different styles of studio cycling.

Live Kin3tic Cycle:

Traditional studio cycling to the best of the music. Be taken through intervals, sprints, climbs and jumps. Then combine the lot for combo moves to really take it to the extreme!

Interval Kin3tic Cycle :

You. Your team. A stopwatch. A 30 minute high intensity blast working against the clock or against another team. No music just the sound of pedals being pounded round at high intensity

Kin3tic cycle on demand:

pre recorded virtual sessions. Using real local instructors in these shortened 30-35minute sessions

For more information, a tour or a trial at Kin3tic Performance send us a message via our contact page

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Spin Classes in Lincoln
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Spin Classes in Lincoln
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Spin Classes in Lincoln
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Spin Classes in Lincoln