Jo Clinton

Loving the online workouts there for everyone really invigorating, I feel I am getting some great novel workouts! Amazing !

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Derek King

The Kin3tic team never stop amazing me. Their positivity and gym ethos has moved to an entirely online service almost transparently in a matter of days! Both live and on demand sessions that are every bit as engaging as one to one sessions. Being inherently lazy I thought I would be able to coast Read More

Veronica Ruby-Lewis

There was no need for me to give up on my training goals with the fantastic content that has been created and delivered by passionate PT’s. A Multitude of training styles available to mix up home workouts, hit all target areas and keep me interested in fitness. Great recipes available too, Read More


The Kin3tic online classes offer a great range of exercises for all fitness levels. I’m easily able to keep up my fitness schedule from home with lots of support available 😁

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Adrienne Stevens

As a member of Kin3tic Performance we certainly couldn’t ask for more or better trainers. They have all adapted to this new “normal” so quickly and provided a huge amount of online training classes for their members in a very short space of time. These classes help to keep us mo Read More

Member Testimonial: Jamie

A Road of Learning Along the Way.

Here is a testimonal from our member Jamie Gordon, who has not only achieved some good results, but also learnt a lot along the way from the Trainers here at Kin3tic so, over to Jamie....

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