Member Testimonial: Jamie

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Member Testimonial: Jamie

by Jason Lingard


A Road of Learning Along the Way.

Here is a testimonal from our member Jamie Gordon, who has not only achieved some good results, but also learnt a lot along the way from the Trainers here at Kin3tic so, over to Jamie....

So seeing myself in a photo was the wake up call I needed to start taking life/health a little more seriously. I have always done some form of exercise and had an average level of fitness but had clearly started to pile weight on. I was a member of total fitness, but honestly didn’t enjoy it and had zero routine with exercise or diet. I heard about Kin3tic and in January 2018 made the decision to go and have a look.

I haven’t looked back, introduced to Jo (my PT) and Jason upon arrival followed by an induction, then a trial session with Jo (she still creates my programmes two years on) I signed up, Jo created me some weight programmes and I had some PT sessions which was good motivation and gave me confidence in the gym.

Making changes in your life is tough, I spent a year or more just hitting the gym hard, while I appreciate the diet is more important I wasn’t ready to make such drastic changes and I wanted longevity and not a quick 10 stone loss in a week and pile it all back on the week after. So the diet slowly improved while I fully committed to training. The gym itself has great equipment, friendly faces and Jason and the team are always there for guidance/advice or just a kick up the bum if that works.

So two years on and 4 1/2 stone down, I now spend weekends up mountains or long hikes (after the gym of course) and feel so much better about myself. In the last 6 months with the help of Jo and Jason I am now tracking food and it’s kicked my journey on to the next stage. I don’t go without anything I just better understand food and the mistakes I was making on a daily basis. For me I didn’t set any goals/timelines I just did it and wanted to continue doing it, not for a holiday just to improve life.
I can highly recommend my gym (Kin3tic) sounds cliche but it’s changed my life.


If you can relate to Jamies' experience, why not contact us today and find out how we can help you achieve your fitness Goals?