Want Abs??

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Want Abs??

by Niall Dexter


Do You Want Abs??

Let’s get the most important part out the way first - you need to get your body fat levels down to a place where you’re abs would be visible!!!⁣

You can do all the crunches and leg raises in the world, if you’re body fat levels aren’t a point where they are low enough to see your abs. You won’t see them!

However, training and strengthening your core is a vital tool for helping in all aspects of life! Other training exercises will all benefit from a stronger core. Your posture and every day tasks, back pain etc etc, the list goes on!⁣

Now onto actually training your abs! Most people I see really aren’t getting the most out of there ab training, or training there abs at all  - a lot of “sit up” movements and movements people consider crunches really aren’t contracting your abs as you should be, often people are just stressing their hip flexors!⁣

Think about trying to get your sternum to your pelvis as short as possible! Whilst keeping your hips locked in stone! The ab mat shown above is a great tool in aiding the “crunching” motion!! (If spinal flexion allows) ⁣

Control every rep, no momentum coming out the the stretch position, pause and initiate with your abs! Contract all the way through using your abs and squeeze at the top⁣

Give these a go guys  USE YOUR ABS!!