Which Deadlift is for you?

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Which Deadlift is for you?

by Jo W


Which Deadlift is for You?

There are many different variants of the deadlift Movement.  Below, Jo go goes through a few different progressions and regressions...

Stiff leg style

Hamstrings the main focus here, a great exercise to target the backs of the legs, strengthening to support posture, and muscular balance within the leg.  A complex compound move also recruits core muscles to improve strength and stability throughout most of the body. 

An advanced movement too, plenty of regressions and tricks up my sleeve to help you progress to this if you need them...Keep reading...


Glutes are more of a focus here, the wide and deeper position recruits muscles closer to the butt not just the back of the legs, traps and upper back also come in for a bit of support too.

Focus on a good, strong set up position for this, and overall a little less technical than the stiff leg style...Still looking for something a bit easier?

Hex Bar

Pick it up and put it down...a great exercise for beginners to compound movements.  Even if you don't know what a compound movement is, this movement and equipment gives you chance to practice good lifting posture still while pushing some decent resistance through the leg muscles.  Slightly more quad focused, and sitting into the heels to catch the glutes/butt/booty too

Dumbbell Stiff leg style

Hamstrings as mentioned in the 1st exercise, using dumbbells creates a bit more freedom in the movement which can feel over all a little less restrictive but also means the core, shoulder and back must be called upon to help hold good form in this exercise.

Bench Dead Lift

Suitable for all levels of gym goer this one, can be as simple as telling a beginner to stand up and sit down, whilst keeping knees behind toes, squeezing shoulder blades and lifting chest.  Or driving through the heels for maximum glute recruitment, retracting shoulder blades for improved form and controlling the eccentric phase for best results

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