Never Forget Why You Started

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Never Forget Why You Started

by Jason Lingard


I Was having a conversation with a client yesterday, who was struggling a little with staying focused and motivated to keep pushing towards a long term goal, so I thought of a little task for her to do which really helped with the mental aspect of pushing towards a goal. Below is the task given. 

  1. Think back to when you first started thinking about making a change to yourself through gym. Write down the reasons you first had to come to the gym. 
  2. Underneath these reasons, write down what you have already got out of coming to the gym - these are your ACHIEVEMENTS. 
  3. Under your achievements write down how it felt to reach each one of them, the feelings, how it changed you. 
  4. Under this, write down what else you want to or still want to achieve out of the gym and your fitness journey and what you need to do to achieve them.

Put this up somewhere and read it, when you struggle and also tick off and add to the achievements list when you make the small steps towards the fitness goal . 

The result was a bit of an emotional one for the client however, never forget the reasons you started. NEVER forget what you have already achieved as it is a journey not simply Point A to Point B