How To achieve Your Goals

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How To achieve Your Goals

by Jason Lingard


Achieving a Composition or Fitness Goal isn't going to be straightforward, so make sure you set yourself smaller, shorter term goals along the way.   Notice Every point in the picture has a 🏁next to it- each stage is an achievement and in itself a goal achieved and only by putting them all together will you get consistent results.

ACCEPT it will take time to achieve.  Loosing weight too fast just shows you are loosing Lean Tissue.  Remember 1kg of fat 7700 calories!!!  Just because you haven't lost weight one week DOESNT mean your body hasn't changed - COMPOSITION can change without weight loss.

LAYER in your training and nutrition.  Too much change too soon will only result in you falling off your plan.

EMBRACE the lifestyle change - just going to the gym and not changing lifestyle habits will only get you so far, resulting in the "whats the point?" thoughts. 

Don't PUNISH yourself if you do slip up.  Just Press the reset button, and go again.

IF you do go wrong with you Nutrition, DONT reduce calories the next day, get straight back on your plan- reducing them will only make you crave more later on - 

On the same token, don't start "saving" calories all week for a meal later in the week - your body still has to function, recover and repair itself from your training so why reduce the calories it needs to perform and recovering? 

LOG your training.  Your body requires STRESS (of exercise) to STIMULATE changes, increase your weights, monitor your HR during cardio. Logging your training means you can progress from session to session, keeping the stimulus for change optimal.

MAKE yourself ACCOUNTABLE for YOUR results - the ONLY person who will either get you to your goal, or sabotage results is........YOU

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