Mindset - A Driving Force To Success

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Mindset - A Driving Force To Success

by Jason Lingard


Be your Own Driving Powerhouse To Reach Success


Your mind is what controls you, what drives you, where your emotions radiate from and if you are not in the correct mental place, you cannot expect to achieve consistent and long term physical results.  To reach physical success you need to want to reach it – this is the power of the mind.


Kin3tic Places mindset as our number one Pillar in its beliefs in our Pillars For Change.



Nothing Will Slow Progress Like a Negative Mindset


To us, if you do not believe you can, you won’t. Let’s help you draw the line right now and move forward.  Whatever your physical condition is right now, you need to accept you didn’t get out of shape overnight, therefore you won’t get in shape overnight either. 



Sams Story

Sams Main battle has been mindset, and thanks to successfully employing methods to changing this, the results speak for themselves, with over 37kg lost and lean tissue gained.


Many of the changes in habitual thinking that we will now go through have been employed with her to drive successful results, that are still ongoing and continuing her fight be where she wants to be.



Stop Playing the Victim


There is only one person responsible for wherever you are now physically.  You.  Stop letting other people or factors in your life control you as an individual.  These are excuses you are just ‘using’.  No one force fed you any junk food you’ve eaten.  You chose to eat it.  No one stood in front of you and stopped you training – you chose not to go, or to work hard.  It is now time to change.  You are YOU and YOU can do whatever YOU want.


Your Thoughts Are What Create You


“What You THINK


Your Thoughts Create



What You DO,

You ARE.

Your Actions DEFINE

                                                             YOU”                                   Gordana Birenat


So by no we have realised that we are all personally responsible for where currently are on your fitness journey.  Time to draw the line under it now.  If you focus on the past, you will always feel you aren’t or ever will be good enough.  All this is doing is highlighting your past failures and this leads to negative thoughts.  No more. Live in the present.  Move Forwards.



Motivate from the Inside


Before you even contemplate focusing on how you are going to change your physique, you need to figure out WHY you want to change it.  However the reason for this needs to be one from within, not primarily from external praise.  Remember, you are here to change because of you.


Try writing down a list of reasons why you want to change yourself, whatever those reasons are, but try and write them in a way that only relates to your own personal self-feeling, and how the change will affect you.  These are positive affirmations.  These are what will drive you forward and keep focused. 


Don’t fall into the trap of looking for external praise, as if you end up not getting it to the level you want it, you will go back to your old ways and quit as it hasn’t been worth the effort you’ve put in for the reward.


With this in mind ask yourself these 4 things.


  • Why do I want to change shape?
  • How will doing this Improve my life?
  • What will I get out of it?
  • What are the implications if I don’t achieve my goal?


But It Seems So Far Away?


A long-term goal is essential in creating a desire to change.  In Sams case, 37kg is a huge long-term goal but we only got her there by getting her to focus on systems and processes that developed short term targets along the way.  The most basic was of course setting smaller weight loss targets to do it in phases. 


But we also used other systems along the way to hit target such as setting a nutritional pathway which helped her focus on each stage of her weight loss, as well as short term program cycles to motivate her to get the most out of each one.


 A few of the processes we used were interval sprinting targets, then achieving a 10km race.  Perfecting deadlift technique and improving strength were others.  Other processes used were diary planning for her own time, and also sleep targets (which we will get into in another of our Pillars For Change). 


By improving and achieving each one of these processes, a system then formulates that translates into progress.  This allows someone to feel good about the sense of achievement and that each of these are moving the individual towards the end result!



A Mindset For Life


You need to adjust your mindset towards physical change as a journey and rather than seeing potential obstacles or small mistakes as failures, see them as challenges and use your new found mindset to see these as small victories for you – allow yourself to relish in self achievement when you overcome them and this positivity will spill over into the rest of your life as well.


Here at Kin3tic we want to help all of our clients to have a positive mindset towards their targets, so why not get in contact us today and find out just how we can change your outlook on a seemingly way off fitness goal?