New Year Fitness Syndrome?

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New Year Fitness Syndrome?

by Jason Lingard


How To stop "New Year Fitness Syndrome" I'm sure many of us are guilty of starting the Year with Good intentions - "right this year is it..."....."I feel rubbish I need to sort myself out...."......."time to loose some weight..." - Yet don't follow through with them for more than a few weeks. To try and Stop this 'traditional ' new year fitness regime ending after 6-10weeks, why not use some of the following pointers to try and get past this and make it a staple habit?

  1. Do not go Full hammer at it. If you haven't been training regularly - or at all - for a couple of months then don't attempt 6 sessions a week, The body can take up to 72 hours to recover from a workout so aim to train every 3rd day for a few weeks to get back in cycle. The body grows and changes in rest- the workout provides the stimulus to do so. 
  2. Build a Foundation. Leading on from the above, there Is no point going straight into a full body split, try a full body approach to begin with for a month before going into split body parts or a push pull system - give yourself somewhere to progress to. 
  3. Create a Sustainable workout schedule. Again leading on from the above, there is no point trying in aiming for more visits than your diary allows. However place these in your diary like appointments or work to establish a routine, rather than "I will go when I get time" - MAKE time. 
  4. Change your programs. More often than not, you see many New year Fitness goers go for 2-3 months. Why is this? One reason is because there workouts either become boring or easy as they do not change them and results stunt. If a program is getting easy, then referring back to point 1 the workout provides the stimulus to change- if a workout is easy, it will not be providing stimulus. Science also shows us that 8-12 weeks is about the maximum any repeated program will have a physiological effect...any longer than this and it is more neuromuscular (meaning the body is becoming more efficient at these movements-less stress on the muscles) 
  5. Surround yourself with positivity. Associate with those who have similar goals to you in order to motivate each other - come to Kin3tic !😜 
  6. Going to the gym 4-5 days per week (once you build up to it) does not mean you are "obsessed" with it!!! One of my personal pet hates, when you get people saying you are obsessed with the gym for spending less time than they do watching TV, Drinking or on social media! If you'd like us to help you maintain your fitness regime in 2020 why not come down to kin3tic Performance and have a chat with one of our trainers so we can get you to where you want to be?